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Is Stress Affecting Your Health? Take our “Stress Test” for answers!

Does Stress Cause You Pain and Make You Sick?

You are worth identifying whether too much stress may be affecting your sense of well-being. Awareness is the first step in coping with stress. Taking this test will give you a moment to tune in to your own stress signals.

The Stress Test

1. Do you have headaches or stomach aches?
2. Do you have pain in your shoulders or arms?
3. Have your eating habits changed? Are you eating more or less than usual?
4. Do you worry about bad things happening to your loved ones?
5. Is it hard to concentrate?
6. Do you wake up at night thinking about things you have no control over?
7. Do you lack energy to do the things you enjoy at theend of the day or on the weekend?
8. Do you often feel tired or apathetic?
9. Are you tense or irritable at work or at home?
10. Have you lost your sense of humor?
11. Are you increasingly forgetful?
12. Do you feel you have lost control over your life?
13. Do your relationships or friendships feel unsatisfying?
14. Has your drinking or smoking increased?
15. Do you find it hard to relax?

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions, you may want to take steps now to reduce your stress.

The Medical Community has proven that stress suppresses the immune system. It can cause a variety of disorders, including arthritis, high blood pressure, infections, allergies and some kinds of cancer. Scientists have also discovered an interrelationship between the mind and the body in causing disease and maintaining health. There is convincing evidence that the brain communicates directly with the immune system and the immune system talks with the brain.

Each week, 95 Million Americans suffer form some stress related symptoms for which they take medication. Stress in recognized as the number one killer today. While some stress is healthy and keeps us motivated, increased stress over a prolonged period of time is where the trouble begins.

According to the AMA, stress is the cause of 80 to 80% of all human illness and disease and 90% of all visits to doctors are for stress related disorders.

American businesses lose an estimated $200-300 billion per year to stress related productivity.

Bodywork is a proven method for reducing stress and it’s affects on your health!

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