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A Physician’s View on Reflexology: Therapy Through the Feet

“One quarter of the bones in the body are in the feet.  The feet are at the extreme end of the body.  Blood and lymph from the feet must flow uphill against gravity.  Movement of these vital liquids is essential.

Heavy particles will tend to settle out as sediment, especially when the current is not swift.  Sluggish flow may promote poor oxygenation of tissues and in adequate removal of waste.  Crystals in the tissue may form.

Nerve endings in the feet have extensive-interconnections thru the spinal cord and brain with all areas of the body.  The feet are a gold mine of opportunity to release tension and enhance health.”

Ray C. Wunderlich, Jr., M.D.

Preventive Medicine & Health

St. Petersburg, Florida

Here at Massage & Reflexology of Delaware we use Reflexology as a holistic approach to health and well-being.

The feet are accessible and easy to work.  Nothing to remove except your socks and shoes.  When you snuggle into your extra comfy, heated  massage, table  our highly skilled and experienced Massage Therapists will  address the needs of your entire body.  You will feel Ahhhmazing after  your session!

Our bodies are incredibly resilient, continuously adapting to physical, mental and emotional challenges. Every minute of every day your body’s systems work together to create subtle adjustments needed for good health. By using skillful pressure points in the feet, our Delaware Licensed Massage Therapists joins in the silent dialogue within your body.

Reflexology feels good, but is much more than a good foot massage. For either preventive care or in response to health challenges, reflexology supports balance, comfort and healing.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a compression/release technique that induces an extreme relaxation response, normalizes the body’s internal functions, helps break down tension, alleviates stress, anxiety, pain and improves nerve function and blood supply throughout the body. Specific pressure is applied to the minute reflex points of the feet and the body, in turn has physical and neurological responses.

Why Does Reflexology Work?

Any form of sensory signal alters the tone or tension level in the body. The entire body participates and acts in unison, in response to deep pressure information from the bottoms of the feet. Each foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles.

Your nervous system mobilizes around new sensory input. For instance, when you bang your elbow, your whole body responds. You jump, your heart races, you may yelp in pain. The principle also works for your positive input. That is, when your reflexologist slowly and intentionally works your feet, your whole body relaxes, allowing tension and pain to subside.

Using reflexology creates positive changes in the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, skeletal and urinary systems. Keeping your systems cleansed and balanced will reduce sickness and stress and improve your over-all well-being.

Reflexology in Health Care

Reflexology is used as complementary care or people with a variety of conditions. For example, reflexology can help alleviate headaches, reduce arthritic and back pain, give support during action withdrawal, ease premenstrual discomforts, and reduce the symptoms on diabetes.

In Switzerland, nurses working with terminally ill cancer patients routinely use reflexology to decrease pain and make patients more comfortable. In Great Britain, reflexology is part of the National Health Service. A number of employee health programs in Japan and Denmark now include reflexology.

What Should You Expect?

Certain areas may feel more sensitive than others. The tenderness subsides as your therapist works your feet and you begin to relax.

Because it is important to stimulate all the points, our Massage Therapists will not avoid tender areas, but will work within your comfort level. Please let us know if you feel any discomfort so treatment can be adjusted.   Response to reflexology can vary widely. After a session, you may feel calm and relaxed, or you may experience a feeling of energy and rejuvenation. Some people initially experience fatigue after a session, but notice an increase of energy over the following days.

Reflexology is a unique and holistic way to support your good health and help you feel better. By nourishing your mental and physical vitality, reflexology can help you let go of tension and maintain your balance in meeting the demands and stresses of your daily life.

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