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"Yesterday I had massage with Tracy and it was incredible! Probably the best massage I've ever had. I have a long history of back problems and for me massage therapy is not only relaxing, it is also the most effective remedy I have found for aches and pains. I've shopped around quite a bit using […]"

Real Help for Headaches with Massage Therapy :)

Headache pain, especially from migraines that seem to transform into total face aches, have a way of debilitating your whole body’s movements, your day’s plans, your thoughts and your focus.

Headaches have a negative effect on every aspect of your life. While some of us try aspirin, dark rooms, long naps, quiet spaces, and/or hot baths to alleviate the pain, more of us are finding relief through massage therapy.

How Regular Massage Therapy and/or Reflexology Sessions Can Help with Your Headaches:

Reduces pain

Massage & Reflexology reduce headache pain by releasing tight muscles, encouraging increased circulation to previously tight muscle areas.

Increases relaxation

Massage and Reflexology are relaxing and calm. Think of your session as your private space, where you are the focus for an hour. After a few regular sessions, you’ll notice feeling more relaxed throughout the day, sleeping better, and feeling less anxiety and stress.

Reduces stress

Repeated headaches are often triggered by stress and anxiety from daily life. True, some stress inducers can’t be solved by Massage or Reflexology, you may find, as you address stress through these techniques, your life will become less stressful, as well.

Improves sleep

Migraine headaches can be triggered by getting too much, or not enough, sleep. Massage and Reflexology can improve your sleep quality, and in turn, will reduce one of the common causes of migraine headaches.

Inspires optimism

Regular migraine headaches don’t just hurt your head – they affect every aspect of your life.  By starting a series of regular massage therapy or reflexology sessions, you may find  not only do your headaches stop occurring as often or perhaps, totally subside, but you will also definitely sleep better and have lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and you will feel less stressed.

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