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"The best place ever… I just wish I could get there every week. Great staff — professional and experienced. Love you guys!"
-Judy, Newark, DE

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For almost three decades, we have helped thousands of clients get relief from pain, injury and stress, with extraordinary results. Discover how our clients have used our therapy as a successful alternative to other forms of treatment.

“Very professional with excellent services. I left feeling very uplifted and pain-free.  The whole staff is great to work with. I highly recommend their services.” -Theresa O. (Wilmington, DE)

“Just had my first massage at your facility…so excited for my next appointment in three weeks…you’ve made a client for life!” -Debbie A.

“I hurt my back last winter and finished PT. It was recommended that I get a back message as part of my new health and wellness regiment. Massage & Reflexology of Delaware has been a perfect find. I’ve never felt better. I highly recommend Massage & Reflexology of Delaware.” -Emily M

“Excellent massage today. Just had back surgery 17 days ago and the therapist really helped me shed the tension I was holding onto. I shall return soon! ” – Ken C.

“I just had the best massage I have ever had. The therapist was very professional and had me feeling really relaxed when I left.  I will definitely be a returning customer and I would recommend this place to anyone. ” – Joe B.

“BEST MASSAGES EVER!!! ALL the therapists are good here!! I recommend this spot to everyone!! And if your interested in Reflexology – its AMAZING!! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR MY NEXT APPOINTMENT! :)” – Steph 

“Massage & Reflexology of Delaware is THE BEST! Where should I begin?  I have been to all of the therapist and they all have been wonderful!! I like to switch up and go to different therapist because they all have their own special technique. VERY affordable prices – you get your moneys worth & more! I have been to many spa’s & have had plenty of massages from different places all over, but there is no competition when it comes to Massage & Reflexology of Delaware! For anyone that loves massages, this is the place to go! The therapist are very knowledgeable and if you’re having issues or experiencing pain, they know exactly what to do & will spend extra time in those specific areas your having issues with. Like I said before, I have been to a lot of places & never have I ever had therapist that cared so much that would give me some at home tips to help me out. I like to call it homework for myself. It just shows how much they care & that they’re really trying to help you. It’s very professional and I highly recommend this practice to all! Great every time!! Already have my next few appointments scheduled!! Can you blame me?! I CAN NOT WAIT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH & LOVE YOUR STAFF!!!” -Diane

“Terry, What a wonderful addition to your staff Tracy is! The lymphatic massage could not have come at a better time for me having completed the PT for lymphedema and now in compression stockings for life. This wonderful treatment is the back up I need. Thank you so much for your foresight in always providing what your clients profit from.” – Alta H.

“I LOVE the time I have spent with Terry and her staff. Whether it is a massage where I feel I am being ‘taken away’ and relieved of stress, or a reflexology session where I feel renewed and re-centered, it has always been a positive experience. I no longer consider this time for ‘self-renewal’ to be selfish. Reflexology and massage are now part of the ‘maintenance plan’ in my life.” – Elaine W.

“I am so happy to have discovered Massage & Reflexology of Delaware. Who knew what a wonderful place was so close to home? I had bought my mother a gift certificate for a massage to help lessen some of her discomforts but had never gone myself until months later. I am so sorry I waited! I had a wonderful massage last summer and again last week. My therapist did a great job loosening the knots in my muscles. I highly recommend this practice for their professional, kind and caring approach. I can’t wait for my next visit!” – Deb (Wilmington, DE)

“I love your place! The service is excellent and the prices are very affordable. With the best service and the cheapest prices, no other place can compete. I cannot wait to get another massage. I recommend Massage and Reflexology of Delaware to all my friends.” – Connie (Wilmington, DE)

“My personal experience with Massage and Reflexology of Delaware was great. The time and attention spent on dealing with issues that I had described, before the massage began, was very worthwhile. I would definitely go back again, and plan to do so in the next few weeks.” – Joe (Newark, DE)

“What a great Mother’s Day present!  I always walk out of Massage & Reflexology of Delaware pain and stress free. Thanks for offering excellence!” – Karen (Newark, DE)

“Ahhh… just what I needed. Moving a few years past 50 seemed to bring on all the tension and pains of my lifestyle, posture and workplace stresses. On a frivolous impulse, I made an appointment for a 30 minute foot reflexology. The water sculpture at the door, the soft voices and decor and the professional skills of Terry leaves me wanting more.” – Laurie (Wilmington, DE)

“The best place ever… I just wish I could get there every week. Great staff — professional and experienced. Love you guys!” – Judy (Newark, DE)

“My last massage was so excellent that it felt like my pain was melting away on the table…Thank you for always leaving me wanting more!” – Julie (Greenville, DE)

“I’m not a fan of paying lots of $$ for a massage at high-end spas, where the best thing about the experience is water with lemon slices or fluffy robes that you don’t wear WHEN you get the massage. That’s why I am in love with Massage ↦ Reflexology of DE. It’s clean, it’s no frills (private rooms with doors, nice music and lotion), great atmosphere, and they give the most incredible, therapeutic, stress-relieving massages you will ever find. I first went to them when I was pregnant for some amazing pre-natal massages, and now I use them for regular massages. Each therapist has a vast knowledge of the human anatomy, and when I have specific spots I need extra work on, they all spend extra time and care. I have had several massages there, and in a lifetime have probably had over 50 massages at high-end spas, hotels, no-frills locations, and this is my favorite place!” – Suzy (Newark, DE)

“Terry Meyer is an Angel! My life was changed forever with her God-given talent with massage. I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and for years I went from therapist to therapist until I found Terry.  I highly recommend Terry and her staff for those who suffer with chronic pain. Did I mention it’s affordable?” – Regina (Newark, DE)

“I love this place! I have had many massages and reflexology appointments with you over the past couple of years and would not go anywhere else! Your knowledge and professionalism is what impresses me the most! The atmosphere of your massage rooms is very relaxing with the glowing candles, soft music, and warm massage table linens. I feel very grateful for your service and am lucky to have found you!” – Susanne (Wilmington, DE)

“I have been a client of Message and Reflexology for the past 2 years for deep tissue massage of my neck and upper back. I did not understand why I had such neck pain, until a recent X-ray revealed disc space narrowing at the C5-C6 level with anterior and posterior osteophyte formation. I just thought I was getting very old! Thank you for your pain management skills and techniques!” – Beth (Hockessin, DE)

“Terry has helped me deal with my many tight muscles and ‘knots’ due to my profession as a dental hygienist. I work in some very compromising positions. When finished with a session, I feel so much more flexible! I could float out the door; I feel so good!” – Kris (Newark, DE)

“I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years. Some days I could hardly get out of bed because of the pain and stiffness. The therapists at Massage and Reflexology of Delaware developed a plan for me, and now I am virtually pain free and with minimal stiffness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done.” – Maria (Wilmington, DE)

“I work construction so I’m on my feet all day, so my low back and legs bother me constantly. Ever since I started massage in my weekly routine I’m free from those aches and pains! I don’t know how I lived without Massage for so long!” – Mark (Newark, DE)

“I’m a college student. I have to carry very heavy books back and forth from class to home. Before I started getting massage I constantly had neck pain and headaches. I’m very glad to be able to say I feel great! Thank You So Much!” – Sandy (Newark, DE)

“Terry does a great job of helping me relax and regroup. I love the reflexology and make it a point to get there as often as possible.” – Betsy (Wilmington, DE)

“I’ve been coming here for the past three years and have enjoyed every session. I’ve done different types of sessions from reflexology to pre-natal massages. Terry and the whole crew are amazing! Highly recommend to anyone!” – Lulu (Newark, DE)

“It is with sincere appreciation that I thank Terry and her staff of skilled massage therapists for helping me to recover from a severe neck and back injury as well as TMJ. I have been a client for 4 years and have experienced a tremendous amount of relief from therapeutic massage – more than from seeing physical therapists and a variety of doctors. I wish to thank Terry and her staff for their expertise, caring, and concern for my physical health. You and your staff are a true blessing.” – K.J. (Hockessin, DE)

“I love the relaxing setting of Massage and Reflexology of Delaware. When I walk in the door I know i’m surrounded by people that really are here to help me! The tranquil music and low lighting help me unwind, and when i leave I feel totally rejuvenated!” – Danielle (Newark, DE)

“My whole life I was always looking into new alternative therapies. And ever since I found reflexology I haven’t had to look any further! When I leave a session with Terry I feel well grounded and centered! Thank you Massage and Reflexology for touching my life in such a miraculous way!” – Kathy (Hockessin, DE)

“My visits with you once a month are wonderful. I feel great and have a smile for days. Thank you for everything!” – Judy (Wilmington, DE)

“Well, being a school teacher I use a chalk board alot and from constantly holding my right arm up high to write, I had created a lot of tension under my arm and along the right side of my ribs. I came to Massage and Reflexology once a week for three weeks and all my tension was released! It was so amazing! I have added regular massage as a weekly ritual and pain prevention! Thank you!” – Danielle (Wilmington, DE)

“My wife goes to Terry for Reflexology. Even though she seems so much more calm and pleasant to be around since she started going there, it never occurred to me that it would be something that could help me. I’m a High School Teacher, what else do I need to say. By this time of year, I’m short tempered, impatient and I feel all curled up to the center of my body. My shoulders feel like they’re touching my ears. Never having had a massage before, I felt a little funny about making an appointment. My wife suggested reflexology. Great, she wanted me to get a foot massage. Was I wrong. Let me just say, the atmosphere was not what I expected. It actually felt great just sitting in the office. Not too girly. I took off my socks and shoes and got on the table. I don’t know what she did but by the time she was finished, I didn’t want to get up. I was so relaxed! I felt like I had a couple of drinks, yet better. It’s hard to explain but it’s better than great! I felt euphoric walking out of there and terrific for the next several days. Even my students noticed a difference! I recommend the reflexology and yes, I am now a regular client. Thanks Terry.” – Steven (Wilmington, DE)

“Reflexology has helped relieve my pain and stress and seems to have a calming effect on my energy center. It should be included in everyone’s health care maintenance! What a wonderful peaceful, relaxed world it would be!” – Anonymous

“I came to Massage and Reflexology as a last resort. I hurt my back in an accident at work. I had been receiving injections for my severe back pain and have had to use medication because of the constant pain. My next step was surgery. By working with the therapists at Massage and Reflexology I have not had to use any medications and have gone for weeks without any pain in my back. Thank you Massage and Reflexology for giving me back my life!” – Alan (Newark, DE)

“I didn’t want it to end! I absolutely loved my first reflexology appointment. I thought it might tickle to have the pressure points on my feet massaged, but it didn’t at all! I’ve never been so relaxed as I was after my reflexology session with Terry. And the relief I felt afterwards…in one word, amazing. The tension in my back and neck muscles began to dissolve the next day. I’ve recommended this treatment to four of my friends already. Thank you!” – Julie (Elkton, MD)

“The benefits that I see in Alexa after reflexology – she has an overall calmness and a better focus. Her listening and processing seems to be better due to the calmness. A big improvement in her sleep patterns, which I feel is the biggest improvement. I notice this when I bring her in for regular sessions. I know that Alexa is in tune with it based on her reaction to coming in to see you. I do want to thank you for the wonderful relationship you have developed with Alexa, the art of your talent and the understanding that you have that makes this treatment work. Thanks again.” – Lisa Casale

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