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Stress Test

How stressed are you Test?
 We can Help!

Are you tense much of the time? Do you have frequent headaches, neck or back aches? Or do you have trouble sleeping? 

While stress is a given in life and may motivate us to do our best, learning to recognize when it is a problem is vital to feeling well. The effects of stress can creep up on you and are often the result of events or life changes. In our busy modern lives we often have too many deadlines, commitments and financial pressures. As pressure builds, you may experience chronic stress and anxiety. These changes, both positive and negative, make demands on you.

Research shows that as stress builds, you may become more susceptible to physical illness, mental and emotional problems, and accidental injuries.

Awareness is the first step in coping with stress. Taking this test will give you a moment out of your busy life to tune in to your own stress signals. You are worth identifying whether too much stress may be affecting your sense of well-being.

The Stress Test

  1. Do you have headaches or stomach aches?
  2. Do you have pain in your shoulders or arms?
  3. Have your eating habits changed? Are you eating
 more or less than usual?
  4. Do you worry about bad things happening to your 
loved ones?
  5. Is it hard to concentrate?
  6. Do you wake up at night thinking about things you
 have no control over?
  7. Do you lack the energy to do the things you enjoy at the
 end of the day or on the weekend?
  8. Do you often feel tired or apathetic?
  9. Are you tense or irritable at work or at home?
  10. Have you lost your sense of humor?
  11. Are you increasingly forgetful?
  12. Do you feel you have lost control over your life?
  13. Do your relationships or friendships feel unsatisfying?
  14. Has your drinking or smoking increased?
  15. Do you find it hard to relax?

If you answered yes to more than half of the questions in the box, you may want to take steps now to reduce your stress.

What we do at Massage & Reflexology of Delaware is use medically based, therapeutic massage therapy to reduce and resolve pain and stress issues.

Pain and Stress Happen…Suffering is Optional!

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